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Doctors Say Fist Bumps Could Be Healthier For You


Most of us were taught that a firm handshake can make a good first impression. But some doctors now prefer to greet their patients with a fist bump -- and science backs up their thinking.

In an experiment, researchers from Wales used sterile gloves dipped in bacteria to see what kind of hand greeting passed the most germs. 

They found handshakes spread twice the amount of bacteria compared to a fist bump.

"When you cough and sneeze, those bacteria go into your hands and then you touch the doorknob, you go shake the person's hand, that's how things get spread," says Dr. Gary Weinstein with Texas Health Resources.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates one in 25 patients gets sick from an infection at hospitals -- and as many as 75,000 patients with hospital-acquired infections die each year.

Doctors Say Fist Bumps Could Be Healthier For You

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