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Frustration Mounts Over Health Insurance Website Delays


Maricela Posada has been waiting in line for two hours and her frustration is growing. She is one of hundreds of people trying to get help signing up for insurance before the March 31 deadline under the Affordable Care Act.

"I tried to apply online and I did the user name and stuff but when I was doing my application it just went off. They say you can try later, in two hours. I tried later and I couldn't do it," says Posada.

To get help she went to the offices of Insure Central Texas.

Elizabeth Colvin is the Director of Insure Central Texas and says

"We're definitely running into some issues with the website, they created a queue system to get into the website, so we got a lot of volunteers waiting to get into the website so they can help people create an account," says Elizabeth Colvin, the director of Insure Central Texas.

That means you'll have to wait in a virtual waiting room after spending time in a real waiting room. And once you get in, volunteers are only taking enough information to get you in the system.

"For today we're just trying to get people in that line so they can be eligible to finish the process April 1, 2, 6 and 7th when we're open," says Colvin.

Which means more lines for some and more frustration for Maricela.

By Lydia Pantazes

Frustration Mounts Over Health Insurance Website Delays

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