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Heavyweight Yoga Gaining Popularity


Even though it's supposed to be relaxing, going to a yoga class can be intimidating.

Now there's a national movement to create yoga for everyone -- for any shape or size.

And the person who started it knows the benefits first-hand.

While training to be a yoga instructor, Abby Lentz weighed more than 200 pounds.

But she wasn't discouraged.

Lentz modified poses, making them easier for heavier people to perform.

And in 2004, "heavyweight yoga" was born.

It gives obese and overweight people a chance to experience yoga benefits like increased mobility, flexibility and strength.

Lentz has since lost 110 pounds, and teaches her techniques around the country and on video.

Saturday, Yoga Synergy Spa and Wellness Center in Garland, Texas will offer a free class.

It will be the first heavyweight yoga class taught by a certified instructor in north Texas.

Heavyweight Yoga Gaining Popularity

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