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Kids Learn About Surgery From Robot


Today at The Thinkery, kids got the chance to use a real medical robot.

The robot translates the surgeon's hand motions into a 3-D control system to make more precise movements.

This allows surgeons to perform more delicate surgical procedures with just tiny keyhole incisions.

“The kids absolutely love it of course,” stated Dr. Peter Ruff, Urologic Surgeon at Urology Austin.

“They’re almost all naturally surgeons because they play video games all the time and the motions are almost identical to that it's amazing how quickly they seem to pick it up."

"I think with younger kids it helps them get interested in a lot of the science and technology behind it,” said Dr. Sweeney, Pediatric Urologist at Children's Urology. “It lets them know that, yes, this is very sophisticated equipment but it's fun."

Kids Learn About Surgery From Robot

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