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Seton Medical Center Williamson Temporarily Closes OB/GYN Unit


Lonestar Circle of Care has hit a financial hurdle laying off 185 employees and shutting down clinics. Seton Medical Center Williamson is feeling the ripple effect leaving the OB/GYN unit without doctors.

"It happened very quickly we were surprised by it. I think Lonestar itself was surprised and I think everyone has been caught off guard by this," Seton President of External Affairs Gary Hartman said. 

Lonestar employed the doctors here at the OB/GYN and neonatal unit but can no longer afford to keep the practice running, which means a temporary shutdown.

"We are going to have to build another practice which we started doing already," Hartman said. 

Hartman tells us the closure is just temporary until enough doctors are hired to reopen the unit. 

"Our hope is by the end of the year, or early next year, it depends on recruitment. This is a hot market for physicians so recruiting folks here we have to work hard to find physicians," Hartman said. 

Until then, mothers-to-be will need to travel to other hospitals like St David's or to Seton's northwest campus.

"It could be inconvenient and that's a shame that this is happening to the clinic with those physicians and we are hoping to replace those doctors as quickly as possible," Hartman said.

By Rachel Kent

Seton Medical Center Williamson Temporarily Closes OB/GYN Unit

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