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Southeast Texas Family Moving To Colorado For Relaxed Marijuana Laws


A Southeast Texas family is moving to Colorado for that state's newly relaxed marijuana laws.

Paul and Amber Loew claim they're uprooting their three children for the sake of their youngest daughter's health.

Doctors diagnosed three-year-old Hannah Loew with Dravet Syndrome, a severe and progressive form of epilepsy. Her parents say she suffers as many as one hundred seizures every day.

The Loews claim they've tried to treat Hannah's condition with legal drugs unsuccessfully. But they have heard of breakthrough treatments in children involving medical marijuana. That's why they're picking up stakes and moving to Colorado, a state where voters recently legalized pot.

"In the last six weeks, here's only so many times you can see your daughter laying on the floor lifeless before you say enough is enough," said Amber Loew. "There is no option to try it. You jump in with both feet and you go."

The Loews are risking quite a bit with the cross-country move but they say it's worth it if it helps their daughter.

"Moving's an easy choice because it's her or a job and friends and family," Paul Loew said. "Well, I want my daughter."

Southeast Texas Family Moving To Colorado For Relaxed Marijuana Laws

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