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Teachers Protest Healthcare Costs


Texas educators gathered in downtown Austin Saturday morning, speaking out for better health care for Texas teachers.

According to Susan Seaton with the Texas State Teachers Association, healthcare is getting too expensive.

The goal of today's rally is to get the ball rolling on a two year initiative to keep premiums affordable.

Seaton says this year's deductible is $2,400 dollars before anything is paid by active care and that's too much.

"This year our premiums went up by 9 and 25 percent for each employee and this is the third year in a row, so that we're up almost 60 percent in our premiums and teachers are finding they can longer take care of their family and their basic health care needs because it's become so expensive," said Susan Seaton, president of the central Texas region of the Texas State Teachers Association.

The group feels this is an unfair burden on Texas teachers who are paid $8,000 below the national average.

Teachers Protest Healthcare Costs

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