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Texas Firefighter Donates Part Of Liver To Dying Dad


A Texas firefighter has decided to donate part of his liver to his dad.

James Adcock was diagnosed in 2002 with cirrhosis and hepatitis C.

Doctors told him it was caused by his tattoos he added himself back in the 1970s.

"The prognosis was long term surviving. It was either get a cadaver or pass," said Adcock.

After his diagnosis, Adcock was forced to completely change his lifestyle. He had thought of throwing in the towel but his kids wanted him to fight.

He even switched hospitals opting instead to go to the Mayo Clinic located in Minnesota.

When he was told in 2013 he needed a liver transplant to survive. He was told his best option would be a living donor who could donate part of their liver.

This is when his son stepped forward.

Justin Adcock decided he would give a portion of his liver in order to save his dad's life

"It's very touching that he has so much love for me," said Adcock.

His daughter, Megan Groll, said she couldn't be happier about what her brother is doing.

"We were all like 'Well, if we're match we'll do it.' But Justin really kind of stepped up to the plate and I was proud of him for doing that," said Groll.

Adcock said he is forever grateful for his son.

"He is an amazing young man, and I love him very much," Adcock said.

Texas Firefighter Donates Part Of Liver To Dying Dad

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