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Texas Schools Struggle With Flu Outbreak


State officials are describing the number of flu cases in Texas this week as high and widespread. Here in Central Texas, Travis County is reporting nine people dead so far this season and 58 are in the hospital suffering from the flu.

But one area of the state appears to be bringing up the average. North Texas is reporting a heartbreaking 40 deaths from the flu this season.  

And to stem the tide, schools up there have brought in extra staff in an effort to scrub schools clean of the flu virus.

The Keller School District near Fort Worth is dead serious about keeping the flu out of their schools. Besides stressing the importance of washing your hands and covering your cough, they're sending home students who even look like they might have the flu.  

And they say it's paid off for them. Attendance is actually up during the height of the flu outbreak.

We checked with a few of the major school districts around Austin: AISD, Round Rock and Eanes. Only Eanes reported that it was doing something different. Doorknobs and handrails that were normally scrubbed once a week are being disinfected every day.

But they are not letting their guard down. The flu season runs through March.

By Fred Cantu

Texas Schools Struggle With Flu Outbreak

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