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TX Health Officials Launch Campaign Tackling Co-Sleeping Deaths


The Department of Family and Protective Services is launching a $100,000 campaign to make parents aware of the dangers of co-sleeping. Health Officials say co-sleeping deaths are at an all-time high in Texas.

Doctors say these deaths are 100 percent preventable.

"One hundred sixty-four infants so far this year and we are looking to break the record that was set in 2011," Scott and White Pediatrician Dr. Bradley Berg said. 

Doula and parenting coach Allison Coleman thinks there would be fewer deaths if people who wanted to co-sleep knew how to do it safely by removing blankets and pillows.

"There will always be parents that are bonded to their baby there next to them while they sleep. Instead of disregarding that and saying flat out don't do that, say if you feel drawn to sleep with your baby, which is not for every family, but if you feel drawn to do it this is how you do it safely," Coleman said. 

Coleman tells us co-sleeping deaths often happen not in the bed but from exhausted parents falling asleep on couches.

"Even if your plan is to never sleep with your baby so many people end up walking around at three or four in the morning," Coleman said. 

But Dr. Berg disagrees. He says it's always dangerous, and your child should always sleep alone.

D. Berg says there are other options besides putting your child in your bed. 

"The experts would all say there is no such thing as safe co-sleeping. The recommendation is if you want to co-sleep have a bassinette next to the bed," Dr. Berg said.

Even when your child is sleeping alone there are specifications you should follow such as having a firm mattress, with no loose blankets or pillows, and no stuffed toys.

By Rachel Kent

TX Health Officials Launch Campaign Tackling Co-Sleeping Deaths

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