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Whataburger's Hepatitis A Warning Has Delivery Companies Notifying Customers


One day after a health alert is issued about the Whataburger near campus, KEYE TV learns a delivery service was running a special with the fast-food chain. This means Postmates could have delivered some of the food handled by the employee with Hepatitis A without knowing.

As of Friday morning, though, the Austin-Travis County Health and Human Services department had no confirmed any additional cases of Hepatitis A.

"It's a complete shock." Some UT students are just hearing about the Hepatitis A exposure alert.

"Oh I did not know that. That is a complete shock to me, and I would consider it twice before going into that Whataburger again." said student, Tanmay.

He ate at the Whataburger located at 2800 Guadalupe Street in Austin between August 7th and August 19th which is when Austin-Travis County Health and Human Services believes customers could have been affected. "I would be in the category that ate here in the first two weeks of August

During that same time period, app-based delivery service, Postmates, ran a special with the fast-food chain. Friday, they released this statement to KEYE TV:

"Postmates has been made aware of the unfortunate health issue at the Whataburger location on Guadalupe. We are happy to assist the city's efforts by passing along their official release to customers that ordered Whataburger through our application, and we are in the process of doing so. Additionally, it is our policy to suspend deliveries indefinitely from merchants with ongoing food safety issues."

Their competitor, Favor, already checked its database to see if any  clients might have been exposed. "One of the first things we did was we took a look to see if anyone had ordered it during the time of the scare and we just reached out to our customers about it," said Favor Co-founder, Ben Doherty.

Doherty says fortunately the number of deliveries Favor made from that particular Whataburger during that time period was small. "We just emailed them and let them know what the Texas Public Health said about it, and we gave them the number they needed if they felt any symptoms." The Whataburger hotline number for anyone who has questions is 844-569-5555.

As for whether the health alert will keep anyone away... "It makes me want to remember to bring my lunch," said Terry Ramos who volunteers nearby. So far, though, business is going strong.

For more information on the Hepatitis A exposure alert, click here.

-- Deeda Payton, KEYE TV News.

Whataburger's Hepatitis A Warning Has Delivery Companies Notifying Customers

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