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AISD Trustees To Vote On Bond Resolution

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:12 PM CDT

The Austin school board meets tonight in a special meeting for a vote which could earn it more support for its $892 million bond package.  The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce has been among those concerned about AISD possibly building new schools when it has some schools that are nearly half empty.  AISD trustees will address those concerns in writing tonight when they vote on a resolution regarding how the bonds will be used.  In part the resolution states, "...The Facility Master Plan shall include specific plans and/or remedies to address under-enrollment within the District in order to optimize the use of District facilities as defined by a facility's permanent capacity..."

AISD’s Bond Proposals

Proposition 1

Health, Environment, Equipment and Technology   $140,566,000

Proposition 2

Safety and Security, Relief from Overcrowded Schools: New Schools and New Construction $233,950,000

Proposition 3

Academic and Building Infrastructure $349,165,000

Proposition 4

For Academic Initiatives, Fine Arts and Athletics $168,564,000

TOTAL: $892,245,000

AISD says the bonds will add $0.035 to their tax rate.  For the median priced home in Austin ($200,000) the bonds will add $70 per year.

The AISD bond election is Saturday, May 11.  Early voting will run Monday, April 29 through Tuesday, May 7.

By Fred Cantu

AISD Trustees To Vote On Bond Resolution

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