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Bettie's Box Office: Riddick:Rule The Dark

Updated: Friday, September 6 2013, 10:30 AM CDT

The Vin Diesel-powered summer of action movies is coming to a close. Earlier this year, he was a burly, bulging driver in Fast and Furious 6. Now, he's a burly, bulging convict in the sci-fi flick, Riddick: Rule the Dark.

It's the third movie in the series but you don't really need to see either of the first two to enjoy this one. Riddick is double-crossed, dropped on a desolate planet, and left to die. Every day is a struggle to survive.

Riddick confronts ruthless bounty hunters and alien monsters that may consume them all. This movie is dark and violent, but with just the right amount of cheesy fun. My favorite scene is an over-the-top beheading that lets you know this film doesn't take itself too seriously.

I wasn't as impressed with the computer-generated effects, including the planetscapes.They're not top of the line. Then again, neither is Vin Diesel's dead-pan style. But, for two hours it all works as Riddick gets back-to-the-basics.

Fans of the Riddick series and Vin Diesel won't mind paying full price, but I'd say save a little money and get a matinee ticket.

Riddick: Rule the Dark opens September 6 and is rated R for strong violence, language and some sexual content/nudity. (Geek Alert: the brief nudity is from Katee Sackhoff).

Bettie's Box Office: Riddick:Rule The Dark

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