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Bettie's Box Office:Sabotage Review

Updated: Friday, March 28 2014, 07:27 AM CDT

Everyone's a suspect when crooked DEA agents start dying in the new Schwarzenegger action film, Sabotage. Arnold plays the leader of a covert team that lines its own pockets while taking down drug cartels. One by one, they start to meet horrific deaths after a bungled operation. Is it the cartels, their assassins - or even one of their own?

Schwarzenegger has built a career around having big muscles and playing characters with even bigger hearts. But, in Sabotage, the only heart you'll see is splattered on the screen. During the early screening I attended, a man in the audience shouted: "Now that’s R-rated!"

The characters are darker and the violence and gore are in your face. The cast is solid, but you don't really care who lives or dies. Admittedly the gunfights and car chases are exciting, but the plot surrounding them will have you scratching your head.

I was rewriting the movie while I watched it. So on that note, I think Arnold fans, with strong stomachs, should hold off and rent the DVD.

Sabotage is rated R for strong bloody violence, pervasive language, some sexuality/nudity and drug use. It opens on Friday, March 28.

By Bettie Cross, Bettie's Box Office 

Bettie's Box Office:Sabotage Review

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