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Bike Sharing Coming To Austin

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:13 PM CDT

Bike sharing in Austin: it’s a big talker and could potentially be big business. On Wednesday night, the City of Austin wants to hear your thoughts on what you hope to see with their upcoming Bike Share program.

Austin will soon join San Antonio, Houston, and Fort Worth as the fourth Texas city to add a Bike Share program.

On Wednesday night at Zilker Park, the city not only wants to show off the new bikes and let you get your hands on them, they also want to know where you want to see the bikes go.

The program is set to launch later in 2013, rolling out ten bikes at 100 stations. Within months, that number will then quadruple to 400 bikes at 40 stations. You can check out the bikes 24/7 and return them at any of those kiosks

“There should be support from the bike share program,” said Beth Haley, who was visiting Austin from New Mexico. “There should be helmets available, maybe even should be some instruction courses.”

“Maybe you should take like a basic bike safety like when you take a driving test,” said Allison Kilts, a cyclist from Austin. “Always have your lights on and wear a helmet, where you should be on the road.”

The bikes will be equipped with front and rear lights that are always on for safety. The system will also have a mobile app that will let riders find kiosks and bikes and text them if they’re late on returning the bikes. The city is still trying to sort out membership costs.

The forum takes place Wednesday night at Zilker Park from 7:30-9:30 p.m. For more information,  a list of upcoming forums, and to vote for locations online:

Bike Sharing Coming To Austin

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