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FBI: Dead Border Agent Suspected In Kidnapping, Assault

Updated: Friday, March 14 2014, 03:21 AM CDT

Authorities say a man in Texas raped three illegal immigrants, kidnapped one of them, and then killed himself.

And it turns out he was a border patrol agent.

Chelsea Blair saw it all through the peep hole in her door.

"They were right here in this, right here, (like that, were they big guns er?) One was an M4 the other two were just hand."

FBI agent surrounded her neighbor’s home.

She says the man they were looking for was her neighbor - a border patrol agent.

Spanish (on-screen translation: "One here one there. They were hitting the door hard.")

Hilda Chapa woke up to screaming. She lives directly across the hall from the agent.

Spanish (on-screen translation: "There were police cars right in front of there, more cars behind there was a lot of people around.")

Blair tells us her family was asked to leave.

"They said shots fired shots fired! We didn't hear any shots then they asked us to remove our kids out of the bedroom that was attached to his apartment. Then an hour later after they were standing outside with guns the whole time, they asked us to leave."

Hours after FBI agents had left, folks learned that their neighbor was dead.

"That he was a Border Patrol agent so we always said we, oh, you know you, kinda feel safe living here because you have a Border Patrol agent next door, you have one upstairs, you have two on this direction, my husband is one, so you feel kinda safe, but you never know who's doing something that they may not be supposed to be doing."

Blair says the border patrol agent lived alone.

FBI: Dead Border Agent Suspected In Kidnapping, Assault

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