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"Gun Free Zone" App Launches

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:12 PM CDT

Gun violence, gun control, and freedom to carry: they've all been hot topics in recent months. Whether you choose to carry or opt to pass, chances are on a daily basis you're around someone who's packing a gun, and you may not even know it. Now imagine a new app that tells you when and where you can carry.

That’s the idea behind the new "Gun Free Zone" app. It lets you know whether the business you're going into is gun-friendly or gun free, based on input from the app's users. It uses the GPS tracking system in your phone or tablet. It shows you a map of where you are and nearby places, the closest 20 public places, and whether or not they allow guns.

The app also shows how many people marked a spot as allowing guns or not. Private homes are exempt.

To download the app:

By Adam Bennett"Gun Free Zone" App Launches

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