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Indoor Skydiving Lands In Austin

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:12 PM CDT

Austin is the first city in Texas to land an indoor skydiving center. iFLY offers the thrill of flight without having to go up in a plane. The wind tunnel just opened in north Austin at 13265 Highway 183.


It's skydiving without a parachute. Four 350 horsepower fans are ready to blow your mind.

"It's just as fun for me as skydiving and I do both," said iFLY instructor Aaron Necessary.

He spends a lot of time airborne. He's been dropping out of planes for 10 years and skydiving at ground level for one.

"Wind tunnels are very popular for skydivers to use for training so that's how I heard about it and just decided I wanted to work here," said Aaron.

Aaron puts on jaw-dropping demonstrations of the aerial gymnastics that are possible in 60 foot tall vertical wind tunnel.

"The more fun you have the easier it is to fly," said Aaron.

Anyone over three years old and under 250 pounds can put on a flight suit and learn how to fly like a superhero. After a five minute training class reporter Bettie Cross was ready for lift-off. She was nervous about flying in wind speeds up to 150 miles per hour, but once she leveled out mentally says it was an incredible adrenaline rush.

"You are floating on a cushion of air just like freefalling in skydiving," said Stuart Wallock, SkyVenture Chief Marketing Officer.

This is the first indoor skydiving tunnel in Texas, letting adventure seekers mimic skydiving without the parachute or the risk.

"Would you skydive now?" asked Cross. "I think that's why they have these things so you don't have to jump out of planes, personally," said Kristina Ragula.
To date, almost five million customers worldwide have flown in iFLY wind tunnels ranging in age from 3 years to 93 years. Customers fly accompanied by a certified instructor and fly at their own level of comfort.

The new iFLY indoor skydiving facility is located at “Austinville” a retail center located on Highway 183 just a few miles north of the Arboretum. iFLY will neighbor with other family-friendly local businesses such as Amy’s Ice Creams, Phil’s Ice House and Sweet Ritual Bakery which are scheduled to open this summer.

By Bettie CrossIndoor Skydiving Lands In Austin

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