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Lawmakers Weigh School Safety Training, Cyber Security

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:12 PM CDT
On Monday Texas lawmakers will look at moving forward with training guidelines for anyone carrying guns in schools. Hundreds rallied at the Capitol over the weekend calling for tougher gun laws, some calling for no guns on school campuses.

The Senate will hold a public hearing on a bill that would require DPS to set up and keep up a school safety certification for handgun instructors. It would be used to instruct a school employee holding a concealed handgun license in the following: How to protect students, interacting with first responders, tactics to keep intruders from getting into a classroom or school, and accuracy with the gun under extreme stress.

If passed instructors would have to teach between 15-20 hours. DPS would also be in charge of setting any fees.

Also on Monday, Texas lawmakers will hear bills focusing on computer hacking. Both Republicans and Democrats looking to create a new position: a state cyber security coordinator, who would appoint a council to help figure out the best ways to protect the state from cyber-attacks. If the bill passes, the state would appoint that cyber security coordinator by the end of the year.

Another bill would extend the state's existing cyber security council another two years until late 2015.Lawmakers Weigh School Safety Training, Cyber Security

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