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New Traffic Laws, Big Fines Kick In Sunday

Updated: Friday, August 30 2013, 06:37 AM CDT
This morning a heads up: if you're one of the millions of Texas drivers hitting the roads for Labor Day Weekend, you may be breaking a law on the way home and not even realize it.

On Sunday nearly 700 new laws go into effect in Texas.

101 TxDOT workers killed on the side of the road since 1938, seven just in the last decade. Now the state hopes distance and lower speed will help make a difference when it comes to life and death. Starting Sunday, you'll have to move over or slow down when you see a TxDOT vehicle like this one with its blue and amber lights on that's not separated from traffic by a traffic control device.

The new measure takes a law already on the books, the one that says you have to yield to emergency vehicles and tow trucks, a step further. If you break it, it could cost you up to $2,000. Also, heads up if you're driving without both license plates. Come Sunday, it'll cost you $200.

Also on Sunday: new penalties for school zones. You already know using your cell phone in a school zone is off-limits, but come Sunday, that area gets wider. Starting September 1, if you're driving through a parking lot, or pickup and drop-off lane on school property during school zone hours, it's no phones allowed. It you're stopped or hands-free, you're ok.

Also, when you see kids getting on and off the bus, if you pass that bus, get ready to pay more. The minimum fine now more than doubles to $500 and the maximum goes up to $1,250.

To see a complete list of new Texas laws taking effect September 1: Traffic Laws, Big Fines Kick In Sunday

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