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Study: Texting While Driving Comes Without Thinking

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:12 PM CDT

As Texas lawmakers struggle with whether to ban texting while driving statewide, researchers wonder if the ban would help at all.  That's because their studies find that we often text without thinking.  A study out the University of Michigan finds that most texting while driving is not done on purpose but just out of habit.  Their poll of more than 400 drivers found the number one reason for texting while driving is, “It's part of my daily routine."  Reaching for the phone has become part of the routine when you get behind the wheel.  The participants in the study noted that they often find themselves doing it without thinking and don't recall why they picked up the phone in the first place.  Consequently the participants think it would be pretty hard to stop.

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Study: Texting while Driving on Automatic

By Fred CantúStudy: Texting While Driving Comes Without Thinking

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