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The Science Behind Must See TV

Updated: Wednesday, January 22 2014, 10:57 AM CST

These days, there is a television show for just about anything. Many find that TV shows can be addicting and they're meant to be. TIME magazine discovered there's actually a science behind must see TV.

There are certain tools your favorite TV shows use to hook you in and keep you watching. TIME magazine pulled together the research and it makes a big case that we are being manipulated to stay tuned.

Research found quick scene changes, how scenes are edited, can control our attention. Quick shots keep viewers from zoning out. Research also shows directors can draw you in more by making you focus on exactly what they want you to look at, like a particular person or scene. Then there are the cliffhangers. The cliffhanger isn't just at the end of an episode anymore. Now shows design their scripts for mini-cliffhangers before each commercial break. Lastly, creators use sex and violence to draw us in and keep us watching.

So the next time you feel glued to your TV look out for some of these tactics.


The Science Behind Must See TV

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