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Gov. Rick Perry Interested In Running For President Again

Updated: Thursday, April 19 2012, 06:35 PM CDT
Governor Rick Perry's first race for President didn't finish as he planned.   And now it sounds like the Governor wants to give the run for the white house another shot.

"2016 is way down the road. But I'll assure you one thing, if I decide to run for the Presidency in 2016, I'll be way in before the summer of 2016, 2015 even," Perry said. "As long as my health stays good, as it is, and my family is supportive, I'm certainly going to give it a good examination…. But we'll wait until after the legislative session to make that announcement."

The next session won't end until late May of next year.

For now, the state is locked in a legal battle with Planned Parenthood over the Women's Health Program.    After the state kicked out Planned Parenthood from participating in the program, the federal government said it would drop its funding of the program.  Planned Parenthood has since filed a lawsuit against the state, claiming its Constitutional rights are being violated.

"Here's what Planned Parenthood needs to be honest about," Perry said.  "They do not have a lock on state money.  The Texas Legislature made the decision not to fund Planned Parenthood or their affiliates because they were in the abortion business.  That is the Texas Legislature's right to decide that.  I happen to agree with it." 

For its part, Planned Parenthood says it went to court to stand-up for tens of thousands of Texas women who seek access to affordable, high quality care from their trusted provider.  A State Democratic Party spokeswoman says it's ridiculous for the Governor to blame the President for causing the dispute. Gov. Rick Perry Interested In Running For President Again

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