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Activists Say Cantor's Loss Signals Immigration Reform Death

Updated: Wednesday, June 11 2014, 06:36 PM CDT

Chaos erupted at House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's election night headquarters Tuesday night, but the immigration protesters were just part of a night filled with political drama.

In a bold upset, Cantor lost his reelection bid to tea party candidate Dave Brat.

"Obviously, we came up short," said Cantor, while Brat called his win "a miracle from God."

But immigration activists disagree.

"I think it solidifies what we've known for a while is that immigration reform is dead," says Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition Executive Director Alejandro Caceres.

While he didn't like Cantor's view on immigration reform, he says Cantor would at least talk about it.

"Now that Brat is in the running whatever little window did exist, no longer exists," Caceres says.

On Wednesday, Dan Patrick, tea party candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor, said on Twitter: "DC politicians like Eric Cantor are learning the hard way: it's time to #secure the border."

Texas State Representative Poncho Nevárez, a Democrat from Eagle Pass, says he's tired of the anti-immigrant rhetoric from tea party candidates.

"They better watch out because they've lost their party, the tail is wagging the dog, the inmates are running the asylum, use whatever analogy you want to use, but that's what happening," says Nevárez.

By Lydia Pantazes

Activists Say Cantor's Loss Signals Immigration Reform Death

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