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Austin City Hall Renovating For 10-One

Updated: Thursday, April 3 2014, 06:45 PM CDT

Austin City Hall is getting a makeover to accommodate the new 10-one districts.

Proposition 3, commonly referred to as 10-one, is the voter approved ballot measure that calles for 10 geographic Council single-member districts plus the mayor.

The timeline of renovations includes part of the building being closed and redone.

Fred Evins with the economic development office worked on the current city hall building, and he recalls the last one. He says the city has been through a lot of changes in the past.

"I think the district and city hall is wearing well with time," Evins said, "The historic city hall at one time had been a jail so there were portions of it that we not that suited for office functions."

Now he is ready to see what's in store for the future.

On March 27 The Office of the City Auditor moved to allow work to start on the second floor.

That area will become four new council offices, staff resource centers and conference rooms.

"We are starting the second floor first because it's going to take a little bit longer," said project manager David Smythe-Macaulay.

In late June council chambers will be tackled.

Instead of seven council members at the dais, there will be eleven plus additional staff.

"So the dais itself will be extended," said Smythe-Macaulay.

During the remodeling, city council meetings will be moved to the Travis County Commissioners Court at 700 Lavaca Street. The first meeting will take place Aug 8 through October.

The total cost taxpayers $2.5 million.

Election Day for the new districts is Nov. 4. For more information:

By Christie Post

Austin City Hall Renovating For 10-One

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