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Can Undecided Voters Sway The Election?

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 05:13 PM CDT
With a little over five months of political wrangling to go until November 6, many decided voters here in Central Texas are staying the course.

Roughly three quarters of the 31,000 people polled by KEYE TV say their vote is solid...and that's no surprise

"In Texas about half the voters are straight ticket voters," says Peck Young the Director for Public Policy and Political Studies at Austin Community College. “So you're only talking about 20 points who have made up their minds about a candidate because 50 percent of them are going to vote for whoever the party presents.”

But the quarter who are undecided can still sway the who are they?

“There's the genuinely intellectually undecided which is actually the smallest group. Then there's what I call the befuddled undecided. The people who really don't understand what's going on.  They're confused, they're upset. And then frankly there's an element that think they ought to vote because they were taught they ought to vote," says Young,

Undecided or not, the outcome usually comes down to one factor explains Young, “who goes to vote more than who switches, ultimately decides the election.”Can Undecided Voters Sway The Election?

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