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Congressman McCaul Addresses Texas Cybersecurity Summit

Updated: Tuesday, February 18 2014, 06:26 PM CST

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) delvered the keynote adress at the Texas Cyber Security Forum held on the University of Texas campus today.  

The Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security said there are three major cyber threats facing America: Criminal attacks, like the one that affected 70 million Target customers, hit everyday people, and include $250 billion in lost intellectual property for America each year. Espionage targets information essential to our national security, and cyber warfare can result in the disruption or complete destruction of our nation's infrastructure.  

McCaul points out that many people don't realize that major U.S. banks in New York, and along the East Coast, get assaulted by Iran almost on a daily basis. He states that the threat grows stronger everyday and while the U.S. has a good offense, we need a stronger defense to guard ourselves.

Congressman McCaul recently sponsored the National Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Act.  Passing unanimously through committee with bipartisan support, it's designed to increase the sharing of real-time information between the government and 16 different sectors, like water, power, and healthcare services.  

Mary Galligan is the Director of Cyber Risk Services for Deloitte, the sponsor of the forum. Galligan spent 25 years in the FBI, and says right now there is no technical solution to share critical information between the government and the private sector, adding that the answer to cyber threats lies equally with the government, private sector, and academia.  

She states every American has a role to guard themselves, and with proper "cyber hygiene", we can all help build a stronger, better protected nation.

By Hunter EllisCongressman McCaul Addresses Texas Cybersecurity Summit

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