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Dewhurst Brings Obama Into Abortion Debate

Updated: Thursday, June 27 2013, 01:30 PM CDT

Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst invoked the president's name when expressing his frustration with protesters during the controversial SB5 debate on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning.

Fox News' Bill Hemmer said in an interview, "You put out a statement, I think yesterday, that said you were furious".

Dewhurst responded, "Absolutely. I've always been a strong protector of women's health and the rights of the pre-born, but Bill, I'm really mad. The will of the people of Texas is not going to be thwarted by Obama-style mob tactics. We can't permit that in the state of Texas."

The Lt. Governor has expressed frustration since the bill failed in the early morning hours of Wednesday.  He has claimed that a vote was called but could not hear because of the protests coming from the gallery.

Dewhurst Brings Obama Into Abortion Debate

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