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George P. Bush's March To Office Hits Endorsement Snag In Austin

Updated: Wednesday, February 19 2014, 12:02 PM CST

George P. Bush's march to assume the mantle of his politically storied family hit a small snag in Austin when the largest daily in Texas' capital city endorsed his little-known opponent, David Watts.

The Austin American-Statesman cited a weak field in the race for the Republican nomination for Texas land commissioner before it anointed the East Texas its preferred candidate over the son of a governor, nephew of a president, and grandson of another president.

The unconventional pick might be good for stirring up discussion or even web traffic, but the Watts campaign shouldn't bank on it being the game changing moment in a badly unbalanced race.

Beyond the superficial name recognition, George P. Bush has any number of seemingly insurmountable advantages including a long established network of deep-pocketed allies, youthful charisma, a resume that includes public school teacher and Afghanistan War veteran, and a softer message on immigration compared to other Texas conservatives.

"We don't have to change our positions or our ideas to win the Hispanic vote. We need to change our tactics," Bush recently said at a stop in Laredo. "I believe that as Republicans, it's incumbent -- not only upon the party but also on elected officials and candidates -- to spend time in the Hispanic community, not just show up the day before an election."

The winner of the Republican nomination will face former El Paso Mayor John Cook who is running unopposed as in Democratic primary.

George P. Bush's March To Office Hits Endorsement Snag In Austin

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