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GOP Candidates Refuse To Quit Race

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 05:13 PM CDT
The Republican National Chairman says the party will have a nominee within one or two months, before the convention in August. However, the race for the GOP nomination is unlikely to end anytime soon.

All candidates are refusing to step aside even though Mitt Romney is pulling further ahead in the delegate hunt.

Mitt Romney will carry more momentum into this week's primary contests. He celebrated another win Sunday night, easily capturing all of Puerto Rico's 20 delegates.

"Hispanic voters are going to vote for Republicans if we stand for something, conservative principles that bring growth and good jobs and rising house prices,” said Romney.

Romney spoke to supporters in Illinois where polls show he's locked in a tight battle with Rick Santorum.
The state holds its primary Tuesday.

As Romney gains an even bigger lead in the delegate count, his wife is calling on Republicans to end the fight for the nomination.

Ann Romney told supporters, "It's time for us to get behind one candidate, and get the job done so we can move on to the next job which is bringing us one step closer to defeating Barack Obama."

But all of the other three Republican contenders say they're not going anywhere. Santorum says Romney hasn't proven he's a strong enough candidate.

"This is a primary process where somebody had a huge advantage, huge money advantage, huge advantage of establishment support and he hasn't been able to close the deal,” said Santorum.

Santorum spent yesterday in Louisiana, which votes this weekend.

Santorum will join Romney in Illinois today to court voters who are still undecided. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich have no campaign events scheduled.

After the Puerto Rico Victory, Romney now has 521 delegates and Santorum has 253. Newt Gingrich trails with 136 delegates and Ron Paul has 50.GOP Candidates Refuse To Quit Race

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