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Q&A: Is Government Shutdown Starting To Hit Home?

Updated: Wednesday, October 9 2013, 08:17 PM CDT

Q: We're just heading into the flu season. Will the partial shutdown of the Centers doe Disease Control affect our flu vaccine?

A: We asked Texas health officials and they tell us we have plenty of vaccine for this season, and the data on the strains of flu we're seeing will reach the CDC in plenty of time to make next year's vaccine.


Q: What about Head Start?  We've seen reports that federal funding has run out for Head Start programs across the country.

A: We checked across Central Texas and learned it depends on the local Head Start's fiscal year.  Locally, only one Head Start operator has reason to be concerned.  Community Action of Central Texas operates the preschool program in Hays and Caldwell counties, and their funding will run out at the end of this month.


Q: And is it true UT's Naval ROTC won't be running the ball to the Texas-OU game?

A: Sadly that's true.  The civilians who coordinate this annual tradition have been furloughed, and the navy folks thought it best to focus on their core duties of educating our future military leaders and cut back on the extra-curricular stuff for now.   The UT battalion is disappointed because they always use the annual event to raise money for charity. That's not going to happen this year.

By Fred Cantu

Q&A: Is Government Shutdown Starting To Hit Home?

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