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Rick Perry Riles Up The Show-Me State

Updated: Tuesday, August 27 2013, 11:58 AM CDT

Governor Rick Perry's latest interstate safari to show off Texas has riled up some of the natives in the Show-Me State.

Missouri's Democratic Governor Jay Nixon has taken to Twitter to counter what he considers is nothing but a blatant jobs-poaching expedition on Perry's part.

Among other swipes he took using the hashtag #betterthantx, Nixon tweeted that his state's "favorable tax climate helps Missouri's economy succeed, not secede," a tweak on Perry's infamous comments maintaining Texas' right to ditch the U.S.

Nixon's cheeky salvo comes in the wake of a pro-Texas radio ad voiced by Perry that began running in Missouri last week. One St. Louis station refused to run the spot when its general manager says he realized "these were … focused on stealing locally owned companies away from St. Louis."

Perry has drawn fire from other governors over his pro-Texas tours before. Governors Jerry Brown of California and Anthony Cuomo of New York, both Democrats, also slammed his excursions into their states, framing Perry as an unwelcome interloper.

But Missouri's Nixon may hold the title for the best social media counterattack. Channeling David Letterman, he posted a stinging Top Ten List touting his state's advantages over Texas.

1. Lower sales taxes on purchases like @cardinals jerseys, and hair products.

2. Lower property taxes make owning a home more affordable.

3. Missouri has a perfect AAA rating from all THREE rating agencies: Fitch … Standard & Poor’s and … oops (Moody’s).

4. Missouri’s lower fuel taxes let you go farther in our Missouri-made F-150 trucks.

5. 12 World Series titles (the Cardinals and Royals).

6. Favorable tax climate helps Missouri’s economy succeed, not secede.

7. With higher test scores and higher graduation rates, Missourians are ready to compete for the best jobs in the global econ.

8. Missouri is No. 1 in the nation for holding down tuition increases at our four-year colleges and universities.

9. Missouri has a lower poverty rate and a higher percentage of kids with health insurance.

10. More award-winning outdoor trails, less dust.

Rick Perry Riles Up The Show-Me State

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