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Senator John Cornyn Could Face Tough Road

Updated: Friday, November 15 2013, 06:36 PM CST

"We need a strong voice of common sense, we need conservative leadership with a better vision for our country, we need John Cornyn," says Governor Rick Perry.

With that, two-time U.S. Senator John Cornyn kicked off his quest for a third term. Already, the Senator is on the attack calling the Affordable Care Act, its rollout and the President's proposed changes, an epic failure.

"The people that we've entrusted from the President of the United States to the Secretary of HHS to tell us the truth and to lead us have led us down a boxed canyon from which there is no escape," Cornyn says.

Cornyn is hoping to capitalize on the Democrats troubles.

"Presents an opportunity not only for people like me to get reelected but to provide some reinforcements which are what we really need in Washington D.C. right now," he says.

But, he still must contend with fallout from the government shutdown and a squabble with fellow Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

"We had a minor disagreement in the family over tactics and the tactic led to a government shutdown. I happen to believe that's a bad thing because we have to demonstrate our ability to govern and try to offer solutions," says Senator Cornyn.

Right now he has one message

"I just try to do what I can and I think I'm a pretty good fit for Texas," he says.

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Friday accused Cornyn of being on "Cruz Control."

In a statement saying, "Rather than doing what's best for Texas, John Cornyn has looked to Ted Cruz time and time again for his marching orders. Texans deserve better than Cornyn, whose sole focus in Washington has been adhering himself to a reckless and irresponsible partisan agenda."

By Ericka Miller

Senator John Cornyn Could Face Tough Road

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