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Transit Issues Top KEYE TV-Hosted Town Hall

Updated: Tuesday, August 5 2014, 07:03 PM CDT

Meetings will be going on across Austin in the months ahead as neighbors meet neighbors to see what common interests they have in their new council districts.  

KEYE TV is in Austin's District 4 and today invited local leaders for a town hall meeting on neighborhood priorities.  

Jennifer Houlihan, executive director for Austin Music People was in attendance. She says, "Everybody brings their own perspective: What does affordability mean to them? What does good transportation mean to them? And that's the value of having so many different people in the room."

Among our guests from District 4 in North Austin much of the talk was about transportation because the district is a major hub.  

Jeremy Martin, senior vice president with the Greater Austin chamber of Commerce explains, "It's just north of the central core and it's where major corridors come together such as I-35, 290 and 183."

But all these highways are no help when a driver has been enjoying the nightlife downtown and needs to get home.  

Houlihan offered, "There are times that cabs will refuse fares. There are times that Cap Metro will no longer be running. And people don't always have options to make responsible choices and accidents occur."

There are solutions. But they could get expensive. And some might be politically unpopular. But Martin is optimistic. He says, "It'll get better if we prioritize solutions and invest in those solutions. And that requires leadership and funding and commitment to a long-term vision."

By Fred Cantu

Transit Issues Top KEYE TV-Hosted Town Hall

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