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Vice Presidential Candidates Take Stage In Debate Tonight

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:13 PM CDT

The one and only Vice presidential debate takes place tonight in Kentucky.

Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Congressman Paul Ryan face off before millions of Americans. 

Congressman Paul Ryan arrived in Kentucky ahead of his first nationally televised debate. The number two man on the GOP ticket told reporters earlier in Florida that voters will see a clear choice when he faces off against Vice President Joe Biden.

“Look, Joe Biden has been on this stage before. He has been on these big stages. This is my first time. But what he can’t run from is President Obama’s indefensible record. They are just offering more of the same,” said Ryan.

Ryan will face an opponent who occasionally causes controversy with free-wheeling statements, but Republicans also know Vice President Biden is a seasoned debater.

Earlier in October, Biden said, "There's nothing like standing up before 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 million people, you know?"

Usually vice presidential debates don't greatly impact elections, but following the President's lackluster debate performance with Mitt Romney; many believe the Democrats desperately need the Vice President to deliver tonight.

CBS Political Reporter, Lee Ann Caldwell says, “But what it will do especially for the Obama campaign after the horrific debate President Obama had last week, it could stop the bleeding.”

New polls from three battleground states show Romney now has a one point edge in Colorado.   In Wisconsin, the race is tightening.   The President's six point lead before his first debate with Mitt Romney is down to three points. In Virginia the President has a five point lead.

Romney and the President debate for the 2nd time next week in New York.Vice Presidential Candidates Take Stage In Debate Tonight

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