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Williamson County Polling Locations See Familiar Faces

Updated: Tuesday, March 4 2014, 06:40 PM CST

If you visit some of the busiest polling locations in Williamson County you may see some familiar faces. For many candidates, it's their last chance to get you to choose them.

"Since I took the bench, I've been out there meeting my constituents and the voters," says Judge Stacey Mathews, candidate for the 277th District Court.

These candidates and their high powered friends are doing what they can to get your vote.

"We wave the sign, anything to get their attention," says Williamson County District Attorney Jana Duty who is campaigning for District Judge Candidate Donna King.

While it may be the norm among local candidates, seldom do you see statewide candidates doing the same.

Lt. Governor candidate Jerry Patterson says he campaigns at polling places because that's where the voters are.

He says, "If you hang around the campaign headquarters you assume that most of the people there are voting for you, so you got to go where the voters are that may not be voting with you."

But are the voters even showing up?

While Tuesday morning's icy roads caused some polling places in Williamson County to get a late start most opened on time.

"I know the weather was an issue, but please get out and vote. And the polls will be open until seven o'clock," says Williamson County Elections Administrator Jason Barnett.

Don't forget a form of identification or your designated precinct.

"You have to go to your specific precinct where you're registered to cast your ballot today," says Barnett.

To find your polling location, go to:

By Lydia Pantazes

Williamson County Polling Locations See Familiar Faces

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