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Conservatives Seize On Obama Daily Caller Video

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 05:15 PM CDT

(AP) -- Conservatives are using a speech President Barack Obama delivered as a candidate in 2007 to accuse him of using racially charged rhetoric.

Fox News broadcast the video Tuesday night of the speech that news organizations including The Associated Press and Fox News covered at the time.

Fox host Sean Hannity says the remarks contain quote, "some of the most divisive class warfare and racially charged rhetoric ever used by Barack Obama."

The Drudge Report, a regular critic of Obama, wrote on Twitter that the video will quote, "ignite accusations of racism -- in both directions!"

The conservative attempt to stoke concern about the 5-year-old speech comes on the eve of the first presidential debates as Romney trails Obama in national and state polls. Conservatives Seize On Obama Daily Caller Video

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