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Jury Hears Testimony To Put Brandon Daniel To Death

Updated: Monday, February 24 2014, 12:16 PM CST

Travis County prosecutors began to build their case this morning for jurors to give the death penalty to convicted murderer Brandon Daniel.

On Friday the jury found him guilty of killing Austin police officer Jaime Padron in May 2012 in a North Austin Walmart.

The sentencing phase of the trial started today with opening statements from the prosecution and defense.

Assistant District Attorney Gary Cobb said the case will show why Daniel should be put to death. He highlighted that Daniel has plans to profit on being a "cop killer" by selling his belonging on the Internet.

Defense attorney Brad Urrutia said Daniel attempted suicide when he was 11 years old and revealed he tried again when he was in jail. He said he is now on the right medication and doing better. 

Urrutia also told the jury Daniel is a bright, intelligent guy who helped people but he began using drugs and alcohol in middle school. 

The first witness the prosecution called was police officer Corey Knop. He transported Daniel to jail after the shooting but he also arrested him two months early for DWI. At that time, Daniel denied taking medication.

Dash cam video of the arrest showed Daniel being cooperative. (Raw video above) He asked Knop several times if he could help him. Knop said he was sorry but there was nothing he could do.

Detective Roy Rector testified about images recovered from Daniel's computer. It shows a man's arm with a tattoo holding a gun.

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Jury Hears Testimony To Put Brandon Daniel To Death

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