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Caught On Video: Man Questions Round Rock Police Search

Updated: Thursday, March 6 2014, 09:34 PM CST

***The man's face is blurred out and his name has been bleeped out to protect is privacy***

It was a stop at the drive-thru that turned into a police stop in the drive-thru. "Hey stop! Hey STOP!" we hear yelled on a dash cam video obtained by KEYE TV. Officer Jeff Kopp stopped the driver for failure to signal. The driver quickly realized something else was happening.

"Within a minute two other police officers had showed up," the 55-year-old explained from his Round Rock home. He doesn't want to be identified for fear of a backlash. But he did want to share his ordeal because he hopes others can learn from it. It started with what he believes were unusual questions for a traffic stop.

"You look familiar," and "you ever been arrested?" Officer Kopp asks. After taking the driver out of the car the questions continue as he searches the driver's pockets. "Got any weapons on you? Drugs, needles?" he asks.

The driver says no and demands answers. "I want to know why this is happening," he says.

The officer replies, "I'll explain all that later."

That explanation never happens on the video.

The driver tells officers he can't search his car. The officers then bring in a K9. Police say the dog signaled that it smelled drugs. A search of his vehicle turns up nothing. Then the officer asks the driver, "I need you to take your shoes and socks off for me."

Another search of the vehicle and 35 minutes after this all started the driver is let go -- No drugs found, no arrest, no ticket, and no explanation.

The driver claims, "The only thing he told me you're getting a warning for failure to signal."

We went to Round Rock police for answers.

"He was leaving an area where our narcotics unit was investigating," explained Lieutenant Robert Rosenbusch. He continued saying a narcotics officer asked the driver to be stopped and checked out. Because of an ongoing investigation he can't elaborate.

So we asked the burning question. "Can this happen to me? Yes or no?"

"Uh, no," Lt. Robert responded. "It's not just the fact he drove down the street through a neighborhood. Okay? But without getting into details, I'm saying someone driving down the street is not going to get pulled over by one of our narcotics guys just because they need to pull them over."

The driver feels that's exactly what happened.

"My wife was afraid that the police were going to show up and break down our doors or search our house or whatever they wanted to do," he exclaimed. "I don't feel safer. I feel less safe after this happened."

The driver still has not gotten a response from Round Rock police about why this happened. He only learned of the reasoning after our interview with police. As for the officer involved there was an internal affairs investigation. It concluded the officer did nothing wrong. The microphone on the officer goes silent the last nine minutes of the video. We asked why but Lt. Rosenbusch did not know.

By Melanie Lofton

Caught On Video: Man Questions Round Rock Police Search

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