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Detained for Open Carry, Portland, Maine

Updated: Friday, June 29 2012, 04:15 PM CDT
27-year-old Norman Hamann of Lyman, Maine captured his encounter with a Portland Police officer on video, and now he's speaking out about the incident in which he says his fourth amendment rights were violated. He officially filled a complaint today with the Portland Police Department.

It all has to do with a video that's gone viral on the internet. He tells us he's been publicly carrying a gun for four years, and has been stopped seven times by Portland Police. He says by filing the complaint, he's hoping he doesn't get stopped again.

The police officer approached Hamann after people called police about a man carrying a gun on his holster. Hamann says it was May 26th, Memorial Day weekend, when he was carrying a visible gun on him while walking down Congress Street.

Portland's police chief says he has no concerns that constitutional rights were violated. Since the complaint was filed. Police are no longer able to talk about their investigation into the complaint.

Hamann says he hopes his experience will be a learning experience for police and the public.

YouTube video for Open Carry, Portland, Maine

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