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For/Against Prop 1 Tax Increase

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 05:15 PM CDT

A group gathered in South Austin Tuesday to protest Proposition 1 on the November ballot for Travis County voters.

If passed, Travis County taxpayers could see a five cent tax rate increase. Essentially, on a $200,000 home that would be an extra $100 a year. That increased rate would cover 10 percent of the cost for a new University of Texas medical school.

Supporters say the medical school would give those without insurance necessary healthcare, and will help stop the doctor shortage.

But opponents say Austin and Travis County have passed bonds and tax increases before and then failed to deliver on the promised benefits.

"The 'med school' tax is another egregious instance of using local government force taxpayers to subsidize elite corporate interests. This atrocity against our citizens will economically hurt families and small businesses," says former Austin mayoral candidate Clay Dafoe.

Austin is the second largest city in the nation without a medical school.For/Against Prop 1 Tax Increase

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