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Gov. Rick Perry Speech At CPAC

Updated: Friday, March 7 2014, 04:32 PM CST

Governor Rick Perry says Republican governors like him are leading the nation's economic recovery.

Perry warmed up the crowd Friday morning at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland.

"My fellow conservatives the future of this nation is upon you," said Perry.

The Texas leader says governors of Democratic-led states, in contrast, are promoting policies that produce higher taxes, out-of-control pensions and fewer jobs.

Perry, a 2012 presidential contender, singled out New York and California as states where taxes are too high. He says that moving trucks don't even want to go to California. He had strong words for congress.

"It is time for Washington to focus on the few things the constitution establishes as the federal government role, defend our country provide a cogent foreign policy and what the heck deliver the mail preferably on time and on Saturdays," said Perry.

He drew rounds of applause as he spoke out against the federal government's hand it healthcare and education.

"Get out of the healthcare business, get out of the education business, stop hammering industry, let the sleeping giant of American enterprise create prosperity again," said Perry.

He is among several prospective presidential candidates at the three-day conference.

Gov. Rick Perry Speech At CPAC

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