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IRS Commissioner Stops In Austin

Updated: Thursday, March 6 2014, 06:02 PM CST

John Koskinen, the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, made a stop in Austin on Thursday.

His trip comes as charges still swirl that the agency unfairly targeted political groups.

Koskinen, who is the new chairman, expressed his desire for Texans to be confident and comfortable with the organization moving forward.

"No one is going to be disadvantaged or discriminated against," said Koskinen.

KEYE TV asked him if the IRS can ensure Texans won't be targeted on their tax returns.

"If you hear from us it's because of something in your tax return," said Koskinen. "It has nothing to do with your political affiliation, an organization you belong to, whether you go to church, whether you don't go to church or some meeting you went to two or three weeks ago."

He also spoke about the difficulties the IRS is dealing with, saying there is a question of resources and a limit to what they can do. He expressed they are moving resources around, but don't have everything they need.

Koskinen is traveling around the country visiting the 25 largest IRS offices.

The IRS also released their "Dirty Dozen" Tax Scams for 2014. For a full list:

By Adam Racusin

IRS Commissioner Stops In Austin

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