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3D Carving Technology Emerging in Austin

Updated: Friday, June 27 2014, 09:11 AM CDT

ATX Hackerspace excited to share "Shapeoko2", a 3D carving technology

Many of us have heard of 3D printing, but now digital manufacturing technology is even more cutting edge. The latest creation by the "Inventables" is called the Shapeoko 2, a 3D carving machine, and it can be found at ATX Hackerspace right here in Austin. The group was award the technology with its impressive reputation.

Founders of the collaborative industrial workshop say this technology is a milestone in technology history. And this actually makes it easy for novices, every-day people to learn and explore 3D carving. The machine is also much more affordable (around $650 for a kit), and easy to learn. All you have to do is dream big, start carving, and watch magic happen on wood, steel, plastic, plexiglass - you name it.

Tomorrow night the public is invited to a free "Build Night" event at ATX Hackerspace. Teams will put together a 3D carving kit as quickly as possible, learning a lot along the way.

By Ashley Roberts

3D Carving Technology Emerging in Austin

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