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AG Abbott Calls On Obama To Adopt Texas Model

Updated: Thursday, July 10 2014, 05:56 PM CDT

President Obama wasn't the only one to speak about the economy on Congress Avenue Thursday. Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott held a press conference at Lavazza Coffee.

The shop nestled beneath the Capitol has an owner who is making a political stand.

Jenai Hales says she is a conservative businesswoman who is not siding with Wendy Davis's policies -- she's looking towards Greg Abbott.

"I believe in being fiscally responsible. I don't think some of these issues that they focus on in the Democratic Party are empowering to women. Fighting for abortion? Really? Is that what's important to you?" asked Hales.

She hosted Abbott who spoke about women-owned businesses thriving in the Texas economy.

Since 2007 women-owned business grew by 20 percent, nationally it has only been half of that.

That's why Abbott is calling on Barack Obama to adopt the Texas economic model.

"If the President would look to the Texas model of less government, low taxes, reasonable regulations and right to work laws, he would be able to explode job growth across the country. So we urge the president as he is considering economic reform to look to the state of Texas," said Abbott.

But the event did not come without controversy.

Protestors were outside of the coffee shop calling on Greg Abbott to stop hiding the locations of potentially dangerous chemical facilities from the public.

Abbott explained everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

"It shows that there are issues that are very divisive. The president has one approach and I have another approach," said Abbott.

For now he is focused on creating jobs and keeping people like Hales working.

Wendy Davis also was in town to speak Thursday. She discussed education issues and border security. She wants Obama to go to the border to see the humanitarian crisis for himself.

By Christie Post

AG Abbott Calls On Obama To Adopt Texas Model

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