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Another Austin Abortion Clinic Closes Its Doors

Updated: Friday, August 1 2014, 08:24 PM CDT

The examination rooms at Whole Woman's Health in Northeast Austin are empty.

"Make no mistake about it it's the abortion services that have been targeted by the state and that's what's forcing our doors to close," said CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller.

Miller said HB2 put her out of business by requiring stricter structural standards at Texas clinics offering abortions.

"We basically need to take it down to the footprint and rebuild the facility," added Miller.

Which Miller claimed would cost more than $2 million. Part of the problem is the clinic's small procedure rooms.

"It still doesn't meet the standards of an ambulatory surgical center. It would have to be about twice the size," said Marketing Director Fatimah Gifford.

And the hallways are too narrow.

"This hallway here is about three-feet wide. Under the provisions of HB2 this hallway would have to be about eight feet," added Gifford.

The Austin abortion facility is the 17th clinic to close in Texas since November when part of the new law went into effect. But Whole Woman's Health is taking the state to court. Their lawyers are trying to prove that portions of the new law aim to shut down clinics -- like theirs -- offering abortions.

"Sometimes laws are put forward like this because of people's beliefs but it's not based on medical science and you'll see that in the trial next week," added Miller.

The trial is set to begin on Monday in federal court in Austin.

By Alex Boyer

Another Austin Abortion Clinic Closes Its Doors

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