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Attorney Explains Why Local Couple Locked Up Son

Updated: Friday, June 27 2014, 06:01 PM CDT

5:40 p.m. UPDATE: According to online jail records the Thyssen's bond has been reduced to $70,000 each. 



Fellow church members flooded into a Hays County courtroom to show their support for an embattled Dripping Springs couple. Dane Andrew Thyssen and his wife Jenifer Elise Thyssen allegedly locked up their adopted son Koystya in a garage apartment for four years. But their lawyers insist they had their reasons.  

Defense Attorney Rip Collins says, "They had him restrained because of their fears that other people would be harmed. There is evidence and there's going to be testimony that this boy is a danger to the community."

Attorneys offered graphic testimony that, as a boy, Koystya mimicked awful things he saw in his native Kazakhstan.  

Defense Attorney Perry Minton says, "This is a boy who was severely traumatized and raped in Kazakhstan including involved in snuff films where they were raping people and murdering them."

These are some pretty heavy accusations against the adopted son for something he allegedly did as a child. We went to the Hays County Sheriff's Office to try to verify those charges but were told they can't comment on any juvenile cases.

The lawyers also challenged the accusations against the parents saying, "All this is a bunch of... you know what."

All these revelations were too much too soon for the court. The judge planned to rule on whether to reduce the couple's $350,000 jail bond, but that will now have to wait for another day.

By Fred Cantu

Attorney Explains Why Local Couple Locked Up Son

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