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Brave Neighbors Help Save Family in Fiery Crash

Updated: Friday, July 4 2014, 06:01 PM CDT

Earlier this month a deadly crashed killed two people and a mother and her young child are still recovering in the hospital.

The crashed happened on the 12000 block of West U.S. 290, near the Travis-Hays County line on June 21just before 6:00 in the morning.

A few brave people living down the road rushed to help rescue the people trapped inside the cars.

Corbey James does not call himself a hero, but by some people's definition he is just that.

He risked his life to save a family that he had never met, and one that was desperate for help.

James and his wife were driving down Hwy 290 when they saw two cars had crashed head-on and were engulfed in flames.

"When I heard there was a child in there I don't think anybody was worried about their safety," James said. "I saw a foot in the window, and I said is anybody there."

Both drivers died, but a mom and her 5-year-old daughter were trapped inside the burning car.

"It was so intensely hot that I couldn't get to the driver's side," James said. "She was obviously in shock and very badly injured. She was saying, 'Please get me out of there.'"

The group of people trying to help tried everything, but James said the car was too mangled.

"We wanted to get those people out more than anything else in the world," James said.

So, against the clock, they raced down the road to the nearest store and grabbed a fire extinguisher.

James said over and over, they battled flames, until, finally fire crews arrived.

"When we could hear the sirens the fire on the car was getting worse and worse, so just hearing that was amazing," James said.

Both the mom and daughter were transported to the hospital with critical injuries and burns.

James still hasn't met them, but he said every day he reads about their slow recovery on the family's support Web site. James said he hoped to meet the family one day when they are ready.

"I can't imagine what that poor woman has gone through, she lost her husband, and I believe they were on the way to pick up their two kids at camp," James said.

That day, the family lost a loved one, but a young life was saved and three children still have their mom, thanks to the hero who lived down the road.

A fund has been set up for the Lyman children. You can make a donation to:

Independent bank f/b/o The Lyman Children 1011 West 40th street Austin TX 78756.

Brave Neighbors Help Save Family in Fiery Crash

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