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CPR Helped Save Lightning Strike Victim's Life

Updated: Wednesday, August 27 2014, 03:52 PM CDT
A child is fighting for his life after he and three others were struck by lightning.  It happened just before 5 at the field of dreams in Bee Cave.
That child and two others are at Dell Children's Medical Center.  EMTs say the child that was airlifted there is fortunate that a bystander did the right thing at the right time.  The right thing was CPR because that young man was clinically dead.
The breathing, counting and chest compressions are skills average people may never use. Someone at the Field of Dreams soccer field knew how to do it and it may have saved a life.  It happened when lightning struck.  It's not clear if a ten year old boy was directly hit or if the bolt was nearby.  It was a however a deadly strike, sending the boy into cardiac arrest.  "That means your heart has stopped beating and you've stopped breathing as well so essentially you're clinically dead at that point" Captain Darren Noak with Austin/Travis County EMS explained.
A bystander watching the soccer practice began CPR and that may mean this child recovers.  "The bystanders here on the scene started CPR almost immediately and that's a very big key to the survival of cardiac arrest," Noak said.   We asked him what the likelihood of recovery is.  Noak said "with pediatric patients it's very good."
EMS says the other two children, a boy and a girl, had potentially serious injuries, because often with lightning sometimes the worst damage is on the inside.

A person with Lake Travis Youth Association told me they do have protocol for bad weather.

However they say the storm came out of nowhere.  Parents told them there were no clouds over head. 

Additionally all LTYA indoor and outdoor activities have been cancelled until further notice.

By: Melanie LoftonCPR Helped Save Lightning Strike Victim's Life

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