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Crooks Burglarizing Sheds And Workshops In Austin

Updated: Tuesday, August 19 2014, 07:32 PM CDT

A south Austin couple, who asked not to be identified, was sitting on the back porch when they made an unsettling discovery.

"I looked and I said I believe that shed is unlocked," said the woman.

The duo realized someone busted into their shed while they were home.

"Yeah they grabbed that power tool and that saw," said the husband.

The crook used a folding chair to stack the stolen goods, making it easy to off load the items over the locked fence.  The pricey power tools showed up at a nearby pawn shop a day later.  Austin police used signed paperwork to link Brandon Acosta to the crime.

It was a similar situation a couple of miles north on Burning Oak. A man and woman involved in a romantic relationship allegedly broke into a locked shed located behind a fenced-in home.  According to an arrest affidavit the love birds stole a black iPhone and pawned it less than two hours after the burglary.

Shed break-ins are a problem citywide.  According to the KEYE spot crime maps there's been over 250 burglaries in Austin over the past week -- many of them sheds and workshops. 

"They think they deserve everything and they want their lifestyle and want to pay for it the easiest way possible," said one victim.

By Alex Boyer

Crooks Burglarizing Sheds And Workshops In Austin

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